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The Young Members’ Council (YMC) is composed of youth representatives from different centres of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong; they are elected as Youth Councillors through direct votes from all members of their affiliated centres. Once elected, they are committed to a 2-year term of service, commencing on 1 April. Below are the details of the election.


Eligibility of Voter

  • Aged 16 to 30
  • Member of the Association for at least 3 months prior to voter registration
  • Voter registration and voting must take place in the member’s affiliated centre


Eligibility of Youth Councillor Candidate

  • Aged 18 to 30
  • Member of the Association who has participated in a committee or programme in any of our centres for 6 months or above
  • Eligible voter of YMC who is nominated by at least two eligible voters of YMC
  • Any Youth Councillors who have reached above 30 during their term of service are permitted to continue their duties until the term of service ends


Election Procedures

  • Each centre shall elect at least one Youth Councillor; if there are more than 40 registered voters, the centre may elect at most two Youth Councillors.
  • If the number of candidates is within the quota of Youth Councillors, the candidate(s) is/are declared elected.
  • If there are no candidates, the centre may appoint an eligible member as Youth Councillor.


2016-2018 Youth Councillors (Only Available in Chinese)